Bounty Hunter Guardian Hand Wand

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The Guardian The Guardian Security Wand is a full-featured top of the line hand held metal detector. Light weight for long term use but remarkably strong for durability the Guardian is a professional grade security detector. With features only found in models far more expensive this wand goes right to the top of the list for many uses including private security forces airports night clubs schools government applications and police departments.

Full-featured Yet Compact Handheld Metal Detector

  • Audio Silent-vibration & LED Alerts
  • 3-mode Operating Frequencies Eliminate Interference With Other Detectors
  • 8.0 Khz Operating Frequency
  • Momentary Low Switch Helps Differentiate Between Large & Small Objects
  • Comfort Grips & Wrist Strap
  • Lightweight For Long-term Use But Remarkably Strong For Durability
  • Low Battery Indicator

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